The Shooting Stars 2020 strives to improve through the Peak Performance Program, a combination of physical and mental drills designed to teach each player to reach their potential.


The program consists of professional-level, on-field instruction to improve softball skills; drills in speed, agility, and strength to build athleticism; and additional work to build strong mental discipline through mental training exercises.



Mental Discipline


The Shooting Stars's mental training program is based on instruction from Major League Baseball Performance Psychologists and consists of reading from world-class sports psychologists. 











The mental training facet of the Peak Performance Program has seven components:

  1. Goal-setting and expectations

  2. Preparation and dedication

  3. Positivism, attitude, and control

  4. Concentration and focus

  5. Visualization 

  6. Relaxation

  7. Confidence


A mastery of these seven mental skills, combined with ever-improving physical skills compels Shooting Stars players to reach their Peak Performance.




Speed, Agility, Strength


The Shooting Stars' Speed, Agility, and Strength program is closely coordinated with former Pittsburgh Pirates Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Frank Velasquez.













Shooting Stars Improvement from Fall to Summer


The 12u Shooting Stars White set a goal to improve their skill and performance from the Fall to the Summer.  The improvement was obvious to anyone watching games, but the below numbers objectively quantify the fact that the team reached their goal.  The numbers are even more astounding given 1) the strength of schedule was considerably more challenging in the summer; and 2) every other team was working hard and improving too – but the Shooting Stars improved at a faster rate relative to other teams. 




  • Fall: 30-17-1 (.638)    Summer: 50-20-1 (.714)



  • Fall:6.2 runs/game                    Summer: 8.2 runs/game               Change:+2.0 runs/game

  • Fall:.318 batting average          Summer: .404 batting average     Change:+.086 on average

  • Fall:.414 on base percentage   Summer: .473 OBP                      Change:+.059 on average

  • Fall:1.6 XBH/game                   Summer: 2.1 XBH/game               Change:+ 0.5 XBH/game



  • Fall: 3.5 runs/game                   Summer: 3.3 runs/game               Change:-0.2 runs/game

  • Fall: 63.4 strike %                     Summer: 65.5 strike %                  Change:+2.1%



  • Fall: 2.0 errors/game                Summer: 1.2 errors/game              Change:-0.8 errors/game



  • Fall:144 stolen bases (3/game)  Summer: 252 SB (3.5/game)       Change:+0.5/game



  • Team average in 60 ft. dash improved just over one tenth of a second during Winter Workouts


In sum if you watched a Shooting Stars game in the Fall and then again in the Summer, you would see them score 2 more runs by hitting almost 90 points higher batting average with 31% more extra base hits and stealing more bases; and you see them give up fewer runs by striking out more opponents while making 40% less errors - all against much better competition.  This is a tribute to the Shooting Stars working both harder and smarter than the competition.